Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Increasing traffic to your website - March 19th 
with Sheena Gogarty WordPress Training and Web Designer Dublin
Sheena Gogarty will show us how to use Google keyword tools to find the best domain together with sample website's analytics and how to use this information to develop keywords. 
Increase web traffic to your website

Picking the right domain name
Make sure the name you pick has the right keywords to describe your service or product, not necessarily your company name. Having keywords in the domain name describing your service will help with the search engine optimisation.  

Sheena will show you how to use Google keyword tool to find the best domain.

Increase web traffic to your website
•    Keep your website active.
•    Learn about Search Engine Optimisation.
•    Keep an eye on the analytics.
•    Get the right keywords for your website.
•    Setting up a You Tube account and why.

Sheena will show a sample website's Analytics and How to use this information to develop keywords.

Sheena Gogarty is a freelance web designer based in Wicklow and she also provides web training in the Dublin and Wicklow areas.  Sheena has been working in the design industry for 20 years. With her creative skills and technical know-how she can train you on developing a web site that is attractive, functional and easily accessed. The Workshop can only give you a guideline to the areas listed above but if you are interested in more detail on some of the areas just email Sheena at info@webdesignerdublin.ie

7:00pm Open Networking & Tea/Coffee Biscuits
7:30pm 30 Second Introductions
7:50pm Increasing Traffic to your Website with Sheena Gogarty
8.45pm Networking

Guests are welcome at this meeting - contact angela@dlrceb.ie for invite 

Sheena Gogarty Telephone 086 8683920
WordPress Training
Web Designer Dublin

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Start a Website

This new website is a free help guide on setting up a website correctly. It is very important to have a domain name you own and have a website you have total control of.
We have seen a lot of websites that only give clients editable copy reigns or the website is on someone elses server. Or worse still, the client does not own their domain name.
By doing the 4 steps outlined on this website you will have a website that will give you total control and you will have a website that search engines can find
We also provide a back up service to this website. One to one web training for €50 per hour is provided in South Dublin and Wicklow areas.
If you require any help please call 01 2876689 or email: info@startawebsite.ie

Monday, 22 October 2012

Welcome to the website of Irish writer Charity Amy Murphy, author of the Living in Soul Series. Charity Amy Murphy, MA, BSocSc is a Reiki, Seichem and Egyptian Cartouche energy master, healer, life-coach and facilitator and is the author of ‘write it all down’ Journal of Consciousness, a daily journal for awakening Soul Consciousness.

This website is designed in WordPress software and is set up so  Charity Amy Murphy can update and look after the site herself.

"Live now how you wish to live, be now how you dream to be."

Heal your heart, balance your mind, free your spirit and connect with the wisdom and knowing of your Soul.

Monday, 16 July 2012

New Websites & Training Workshop 

The new Workshop is on Search Engine Optimisation on 7th September 2012 in Delgany Co.Wicklow.

This workshop is about Search Engine Optimisation, increasing unique visitors to your website  and getting the right keywords and links to all the pages on your site. Cost per person is €60 + Vat. It will be held in our office in Delgany on 7th September 2012 from 10am to 12. You can email Sheena at: info@webdesignerdublin.ie

New Websites this week:

Ibizasana Yoga Retreat

Exciting Yoga wellness retreat, set in the superb and outstanding surroundings of the Morna Valley in Ibiza. Nestled in the hills on over 40 acres of woodland, stunning olive trees and pristine pine forest, this is the perfect contemplative environment for you.
View new website: Ibizasana Yoga Retreat

Physical Therapy Treatment

If you are looking for massage in South Dublin, then Kirwan Clinic is the ideal choice. Located in Rathfarnham Dublin 14, the centre is easily accessible from all parts of South Dublin. View new website: Physical Therapy Treatment

Vinos Restaurant Greystones Co. Wicklow

Vinos Restaurant & Cafe is busy celebrating its 5th year under the guidance and direction of David & Jeff Behan. The Behan Brothers took over this well established restaurant (Vino Pasta) just over 5 years ago and have been offering the finest in Mediterranean Cuisine to Greystones local residents, visitors and tourists alike, since then. View new website:  Vinos Restaurant Greystones Co. Wicklow

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Free Wordshop on 6th July 2012 in Delgany, Co.Wicklow, Ireland
This is a once off workshop on setting up free WordPress software to your website, uploading to your hosting server and designing a webpage.  It will be held in our office in Delgany on 6th July 2012 from 10am to 12. You can email Sheena at: info@webdesignerdublin.ie. 
The Course will cover:

Setting up a web site and WordPress
Start building a website with WordPress
  • Setting up a free WordPress website
  • Overview of  the WordPress Dashboard
  • Where to begin and setting up the home page
  • Site Settings and adding your location and social networks
  • Adding images and links to pages

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Getting the best design for your website

The website designer should have clear idea about the aim and the purpose of his/her website. This will help in keeping the website interesting for the users. The website needs constant updating. So it is very important for a website designer to keep up with the latest developments. This will help in maintaining the website and will not make it outdated and inept for the users.
The website designing is a team work and takes joint efforts. Deciding on the other members of the web designing is very crucial. Each and every member of the team is required to show consideration for other members’ efforts, hard work and time. This will lead to speedy and constructive outcome.
Keep above mentioned points in mind while designing a website which will definitely improve the quality of the site leading to maximum traffic and a boost in sales.
Website designing is tricky business. Often small things that go unnoticed turn out to be significant in impacting the overall performance of the website and further influencing crucial factors like website traffic, revenue generation and conversion figures.

Guidelines to website design Ideas:

For more website design ideas go to my website: www.webdesignerdublin.ie

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Web Training Dublin

Hi There
I am a Web trainer and I have just set up a new website and I have some useful tips on setting up a website here a The links:
I also have a web training site that helps small to medium size businesses in Ireland to look after their own websites. Here is a link to getting a website up and running:
Also if you want to set up a WordPress website, here is a link and video on what WordPress is about:
Hope you find the above links useful.
If you need more information you can email us at: info@webdesignerdublin.ie
Web Trainer: Sheena Gogarty