Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Increasing traffic to your website - March 19th 
with Sheena Gogarty WordPress Training and Web Designer Dublin
Sheena Gogarty will show us how to use Google keyword tools to find the best domain together with sample website's analytics and how to use this information to develop keywords. 
Increase web traffic to your website

Picking the right domain name
Make sure the name you pick has the right keywords to describe your service or product, not necessarily your company name. Having keywords in the domain name describing your service will help with the search engine optimisation.  

Sheena will show you how to use Google keyword tool to find the best domain.

Increase web traffic to your website
•    Keep your website active.
•    Learn about Search Engine Optimisation.
•    Keep an eye on the analytics.
•    Get the right keywords for your website.
•    Setting up a You Tube account and why.

Sheena will show a sample website's Analytics and How to use this information to develop keywords.

Sheena Gogarty is a freelance web designer based in Wicklow and she also provides web training in the Dublin and Wicklow areas.  Sheena has been working in the design industry for 20 years. With her creative skills and technical know-how she can train you on developing a web site that is attractive, functional and easily accessed. The Workshop can only give you a guideline to the areas listed above but if you are interested in more detail on some of the areas just email Sheena at info@webdesignerdublin.ie

7:00pm Open Networking & Tea/Coffee Biscuits
7:30pm 30 Second Introductions
7:50pm Increasing Traffic to your Website with Sheena Gogarty
8.45pm Networking

Guests are welcome at this meeting - contact angela@dlrceb.ie for invite 

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